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Sep. 24th, 2010


On the Blog again...

Shh nobody tell Ben I'm on the computer...I was banned from electronics for the day. Why? Well, my eyes are going crazy on me again...been progressively getting worse over the week and today I'm back to fuzzy shapes and over magnified computer screens. *sigh*

Then I get asked if I'll step out of one position and into another because I can't drive. Wow, that boosts the week to all time lows. The other position is alright, but it's about a week of putting a few binders and a box of supplies together and that's it. I feel I could be more useful, but I guess not. And then I get up to go start the ribs and find they're already baking, so I can't even do that. Talk about a sucky week!

Then there's the fact that I can't call Ben to attempt to calm down--he's driving to BFE and back with Matt...doing the ENTIRE out of town run. And won't be home til late to boot!

Remember that last post about following your dreams? I've been trying, but life keeps getting in my way!

And since last I wrote, we've moved in with some friends and have begun the paperwork to get my parents' house, had to give up Brinks--we hope she was adopted, but fear she wasn't. She was so sick and there was nothing we could do. Then this. What gives, God? It's not more than I can handle and the moving--house and position--are mixed blessings, but still. I feel stuck in a rut...again.

But Ben, bless his heart, has been hearing nothing but good news from work! He is in the lineup to go to Salesman's training for Mobil (out of state) and then eventually will move up to be a salesman. How cool is that? And he's put up with my moments of insanity better than even I have.

And we're starting a business! Can't give much detail-wise now, but it shall be epic! (or a Pain In the neCk....)

And my head is starting to throb again, so I must sign off for now.

Jul. 16th, 2010


Deep Thoughts or Margarita Friday

I love making a long title with "or" in it. But this is more serious than counting down the four hours to margaritas and slow cooker dinners.

From Facebook:

Cassie Is stressed. Everyone's been talking about dropping it all to follow their dreams. It's tempting, but figuring out my dream is tough enough. UGH. Then you sit around thinking "if only it was this time next year, things will be different." But are they ever really different? It's just new situations of stress. When can you draw the line and say you're truly happy and your dreams are fulfilled?

And then I started reading stuff online and found this:
"The main obstacle on the journey of self discovery is fear. Fear allows you to end your journey early, convincing you that nothing more is to be gained."

So let's start with the first one.
IKKi is stressing me out. Well, more like AO, but only because it's in like two weeks! Add to that finances, planning a move, our dogs' health, our health...I guess that's part of what comes along with the term "adult." UGH! It gets easy and then it turns to chaos, then back again. I keep thinking that after the move things will return to "normal," but don't even know what that could mean. What's normal anymore? I know life's not meant to be perfect, but c'mon now! I guess add lack of sleep to that and it makes me wonder about things more than I possibly should. (Heck one night we were up late planning a Sci-Fi convention...we're awesome like that.)

But many of my friends are quitting certain areas of their life to "follow their dreams." I remember my senior year of high school that was written on almost every yearbook. But were we really following our dreams? Most have changed from what we said we'd do after high school. I'm not regretting anything, don't get me wrong. Just wondering if most of us actually followed our dreams or if we took the route that was available and tried to make the most of it.

But what's my dream? In my mind's eye during high school it was become a teacher and eventually get married and have kids...yadda, yadda, yadda. But I didn't wind up with a degree. Now I'm happily married with two dogs and a psycho cat and looking to move into a house early next year. But there has to be something more? Some dream? I push myself to do all I can with the cons, Ben and Ben's work. The only thing I miss is church and one thing I want to miss is the extra weight I've gained. So maybe that should be my new dream? Losing weight and getting back to church? They say start small, and I think that may be the ticket. It won't pay the bills or make me famous, but it will make me healthier in more ways then one.

Fear. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Ugh. I hate fear. I tear up at the thought of fear. But maybe it's what I need to motivate me toward my new dreams. Fear of health concerns are kinda big right now. And I don't want to say the fear of gong to hell motivates me to want to go to church. I just need it back in my life...but I'm going to do my best not to overdo it, if that makes any sense. 

This would've been longer, but I'm a bit distracted at the moment.
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Jul. 1st, 2010


As You Like It

So it's been a while since I've posted...watching As You Like It with Marka and Ben. SO FREAKIN TIRED.

I had a sleep study last Friday night...hoping that the results will come soon. Meanwhile I can't breathe well, don't sleep anymore and am sore/tired ALL THE TIME.

And I'm getting a headache, this movie is dumb. I'd rather watch Karen play WoW...her latest addiction.

As crappy as I feel, I wish I could sleep the days away. But that means I must miss another day of VBS...I already missed today. I missed today thanks to it and feel even worse than when I started. >_<

Nothing else really new to report...Dana comes home from UM Army finally this weekend...we're hoping to go see Toy Story 3 on Monday.

Jun. 25th, 2010



So things've been so crazy I haven't been able to really sit down and type, and if I'm able, it's too darn hot so I give up and never post. But here goes! I have the laptop of awesome and I"m chilling out in front of an A/C unit...

So Ben and I had some blood work done recently, right around the same time Nanny wound up in the hospital. Everyone is doing well though. I'm even going in for a sleep study tonight..a little nervous, but determined to find a way to get some sleep--it's driving me nuts!

We're also behind in fads, but we've started playing Rock Band 2 and Beatles RB. How cool is that? Add to that the fact that Marka (Karen's Mom) has started playing with us and is addicted....PRICELESS!!! She even learned to play bass last night and loves it. She started the easiest way you can, singing. But I argue that I find drums easier than bass...to each their own, I guess.

Not much really going on on the con side of the house...a little over a month away from Anime Overload 2 and there's still a bunch to do. We've also started working with BNB here in Austin to do some showings since The Lair went under. :'(

My Mommy got my pajamas from her trip to Orlando. XD Sorry, I love my PJ's!

I'm not supposed to take a nap today, but the bed looks so comfy. Doubt I'll sleep, but I've got to lay down at least for a little while. :)

Papa's recovering from hernia surgery and my Mom is counting down the days to retirement. And after she retires, we're taking her and Steve to a baseball game. XD Hopefully going to a couple before the season's over--Steve has MANY tickets. :)

And now I'm avoiding leaving the computer, so I'll end here for now. Though I have watched some new anime, Blassreiter. It's OK, but a bit of a waste, if you're asking me. Funny, sad and other things at times, I like them to be a bit more than this...feels like they're dragging it out WAYYY too much. :( But it makes for nice background noise while knitting. I may try Blue Seed next, but we'll see if Ben wants to watch it with me first. Or even Initial D. Though I should finish Ouran first.....

Jun. 16th, 2010



So Nanny's still not doing very well. She may be going back to the hospital this week. :( At least she got to come home for a little while.

And I'm tired...my sleep life sucks. Well, if people can talk about their sex lives, I can talk about my sleep life. Or lack thereof. And I'm allergic to my body wash and liquid Tide soap. Which meant the beginning of this week SUCKED.

Not much really going on other than that. Working on planning a dinner party next month...it's not the planning that'll kill me...it'll be making the sushi! :o) But I'm looking forward to it!

And I got to cuddle with Brinks for a while...she's been so skinny and furless here recently. :( Turns out all she needed was a bath and love. :) But we'll be getting some stuff to help her out this afternoon/evening.

So I can't think of anything else intelligent to post...methinks I'll try laying down again. Either that or more cuddling with the dogs. While listening to Glee music. Obsessed? I thinks not. :)

Jun. 8th, 2010


Back in the Saddle Again

One thing I don't like about LiveJournal? The ADS! I'm trying to get better at posting, but if the ads are going to make it difficult, I may just go back to good ol' blogger. >_< But I see that I can download a client, so I may just attempt working with that this afternoon.

And I'm STARVING. I haven't eaten since last night since I'm having blood work drawn. Usually this would have my blood pressure skyrocketting, but I'm actually kind of excited that soon, hopefully, I'll have things figured out again. This whole sleeping thing needs to get some relief. But my blood pressure may actually have something to do with it, so I'm to start monitoring it and such. Joy.

Anime side of the house has been kind of empty--between chaos at The Lair, home, and playing BLUR, I've been a little lost. But we started Last Exile last night...and it's interesting, though has some minor flaws that we hope get explained. :)

Tonight we head over to see Ben's Grandma. And I see my Grandpa and Aunt today. Blue hair and all. I'm a little nervous, but at the same time, I don't really care. ^_^ Though at the same time, I'm a little nervous.

I guess for now, I better get ready to go. More later methinks. After I eat!
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May. 30th, 2010


Ugh and Squee mixed...

So last night was a slumber party of epic proportions. Donut, Jason, Gizmo, Karen, Zoe, Ben and I all spent the night at Karen's after Donut's graduation party. :) We were up until somewhere around two (I think...I went to bed on Karen's bed while everyone else was in the game room...then Jason went to the couch downstairs) watching UP. But seriously though...it. Was. Awesome. :)

And it continued until Donut and Jason had to head to church...we're hoping they'll come back tonight, but I doubt it. I'm hopeful we can get home sometime soon...I'm freakin tired and hormonal as HELL. Seriously. It's BAD. And I know we have a full day ahead of us tomorrow finishing vacuuming and steam cleaning most of the upstairs over here. Hopefully that means I'll actually sleep at somepoint in my life...we'll see.

I could  really use a drink right about now, but that would be a BAD idea. Seriously though...Green Apple Smirnoff sounds AMAZING, but I just want the taste. :(

On a bright note, I has potato salad from Zimmerhanzel's in Smithville and from HEB (I think) from Dana's party....I love me some Tater Salad. XD

But another sad note. It looks like The Lair won't be much longer unless miracles happen. :'( I'm hopeful, but I just don't know. We're doing all we can...will update when I hear the official word. 

Other than that, our Directory Photos should be in this coming week. SQUEE. And Ben bought me BLUR!!! I've been playing almost non stop, except now when I'm hiding in Karen's room while the watch Sailor Moon Abridged on Youtube. I figure I'll just watch it later. With DBZ Abridged and this one, I've GOT to watch it sometime...they always wind up quoting it and I'm the only one who hasn't seen them (now...Ben's seen DBZ and is watching SM right now) *Sigh*

Well, I better go see what they want for dinner and when. I seriously don't think I'm EVER having kids. These guys are enough!!!

May. 26th, 2010


Band Aid

The SUPERHERO that is superherojen posted this and I couldn't resist reposting it:

Removed the band-aid
To find a scab underneath
Ready to move on

So very true! I'm glad to see her so happy today! :)

But anyway, Ben is my band aid. I know, I'm supposed to be saying Jesus is my band aid, and don't get me wrong, he is. But Ben's really been one of those plushy band aids with hello kitty (or something overly happy) on them. I've been kinda crazy the past two weeks and he's been amazing as always. Call it hormones, sleep deprivation or anything else, but I've been one crazy woman. I think I'm getting better though, really. Just remember that when there's nothing you can do, there's nothing you can do. No worries.

Easier said than done!!!

At any rate, things still haven't been figured out at The Lair--we're gonna be screwed if they don't pan out soon. :( Keep hopeful and don't worry. *breathe*

One way or another we're going to do SOMETHING tonight. Whether it be attacking The Lair or attacking Marka's game room with a vacuum...something productive shall be done. Though I did go through my calendar and write things down in the awesome little calendar Ben got me along with a little binder/briefcase so I can attempt to keep things organized. I need an oversized Dry Erase board. I'm huge on writing To Do lists and being able to edit them easily...not using software or having to even get on the computer to do it (distractions) or writing it in a binder (which, once closed, means I'll forgot what I've written).

And I'm a Gleek, so if you're not, just skip this paragraph. OMG Neil Patrick Harris OMG. I know, I'm a week late in talking about it, and maybe I already have, but it was EPIC. The link is just the music, but even it will give you chills. Here's the episode. (Go to the 20 minute mark...it'll give you a few seconds before the show...now I must pause from blogging to rewatch it.) Gaga was alright, but not how I pictured it. Theatricality. I thought that "Bad Romance" would be used for the complicated relationship between Fin and Kurt's parents. And that "Poker Face" would either be used as it was (which made me cry..."gold stars are kinda my thing...") or something with Quin's baby drama, Mercedes' stuff with Puck or something Fin/Rachel related...but that's just me. Didn't really care for "Poker Face," too slow for my tastes.

OK. Sorry, had to go there. And I've downloaded the music. ^_^ Squee! And NPH, if you weren't gay in real life I'd totally tap that. Or if I were in Glee, Anger Sex sounds good to me. :P

At any rate, nothing much else going on really. XD


May. 25th, 2010



Yes, I am one. And last week's episode of Neil Patrick Harris (directed by the MASTER Joss Whedon) had me singing Dream On and actually being more sucked into the phenom that is Glee. I've loved it from a distance on Hulu, but last week, this week and for weeks to come, I'll be one of the millions sitting in front of my TV, on the edge of my seat seeing what happens next. Especially with GAGA this week!

In fact, as we speak, I'm downloading this week's music...I love iTunes sometimes. :D And Limewire. Squee!

But seriously. On top of entertaining and sometimes annoying adults, Glee has given hope to teens everywhere. No matter your differences, you can still reach for your dreams. As adults it's less about dreams and more about bills, deadlines, making ends meet and trying to plan enough to make future 'dreams' possible, even though they pessimistically doubt they'll ever achieve them. I'm surrounded by optimistic dreamers. It started with Glee and continued with the work I'm doing. These people are movers, shakers and doers. They may be adults with bills and the like, but they daily pursue their passions. LOVE IT.

Anyway, back to life.

Just finished ordering our pictures...I forgot to ask when we can expect them. >_< Oh well, they're worth the wait. It should be soon--I've seen some others' on facebook already. :) Also paying some bills and eagerly waiting to hear when we'll be able to start The Lair Renovation. We were supposed to know by last Friday so we could start that night and be half done--at least--by now. But no such luck. Then Saturday was the day, then Monday, now today (though I'm hoping not...I need my Glee!) and now we're thinking maybe not until next week. Which is total BS. We closed the theater until June 1st to get this done. Now we may not even be getting in the door until then? Are you kidding me?!?!?! Oh well, it's not any fault of The Lair's. :-/

I got some good knitting done yesterday--twas nice. :) But today I woke up with a migraine before Ben left and it stayed with me (still kinda there) until I woke up again at 2. Yes, that totally makes me a lazy bum. And I missed a meeting because of it. >_< Hopefully something good came of the meeting...from what I'm understanding only Mike went...and it was supposed to be all three of us. :( Oh well, still hopeful.

Tonight finds Karen ordering her letterman jacket--how cool is that? :) I think Dana is too. It's crazy that this is Dana's last week of high school! She graduates on Saturday and we're having a party at her house. :D Then the following weekend Shawna and Marina graduate. And it's looking like we might still go to Star Wars, but in Austin and on Sunday instead of that Saturday during everything else. I am SO FLIPPIN hopeful!

Anime hasn't been as plentiful, since I'm writing often and not watching as often. I watched Evangelion 1.11 yesterday. We thought there was more on disc two, but apparently not. We sat down to watch it last night after dinner and it was just bonus features. But we had a great night last night, though we managed to piss off some people in the process. I posted to Facebook that if anyone wanted to hang out, call us. Then I got dressed and we left, managing to leave Ben's phone on the charger. >_< So we managed to get called and messaged on fbook by a friend and wound up upsetting them greatly by not answering or getting back to them until way after festivities had started. But did I mention we had a great night???

We started off at Best Buy looking for some sound stuff for the car--bust. Then we stopped off at Home Depot looking at materials and pricing things we'd need for The Lair--a waste of time it seems. Then we finally decided dinner should be next, but couldn't decide what we wanted. We wound up at the new Golden Corral on Parmer. YUM! SO MUCH FOOD! And a chocolate fountain. XD We ate WAYYY too much and then decided we HAD to go grocery shopping. At least to get the stuff we needed. It was a challenge, but we got it done. Wound up getting a mattress pad that helped us sleep a lot better, we'll see how long it lasts though. (Did I mention I didn't wake up until 2PM???)

I guess that's really all for now. Will post any pictures I get as soon as I can. :)

May. 24th, 2010


Manic Monday

Well not really.
I logged on to find 12 new emails in my inbox since 11pm last night, 1 facebook message and 5 notifications, a killer headache and extreme lack of sleep. Manic, but I won't panic.

Tonight starts the renovation at @LairTheater! It means a tough week, weekend and next Monday, but we're hopeful. Tonight we show Tracy around and form a gameplan for the time we have until June 1st. I'll have minions off and on I hope, so I'm handling the cleaning and painting side of things while Ben tackles technical and electrical. I know we can get it all done, just hoping we don't have to pull overnighters this weekend. But I'm hoping we can get everything done by Sunday and then have Monday to come back, do final touches and call it good. I'll take some pictures so we have an account of the progress made--though I don't think I'll really release them until AFTER we're done and have a party--can't spoil the surprise!

Anime side of the house has been kindof empty--we helped a friend's brother and fiance move. I hope they learn something through this, but will NOT rant about that. And then next weekend we're helping my parents move some furniture into a UHaul so they can take it up to their new house. Crazy! I can't believe in just a few months they'll be TOTALLY moved out there and we'll be going through moving ourselves!

But I have managed to sneek a couple episodes of Ouran and Witchblade (subbed...can't wait for the FUNimation release next month). I don't like watching subbed--I like to hear it in Japanese, but don't like the whole 'reading' thing. I think I might put on some Ouran and knit today--I'm taking a break from everything else.

I'm also scheduling a Dr's appointment for sometime in the next week or two. I'm tired of being tired of being tired. Yes, I did just say that--aloud to Ben last night. So we're going to see what can be done. Hopefully they don't just throw meds at me, but then again, I'll do anything to get some sleep! So we'll see what happens. We'd like to take Ben in too to see why he's not sleeping either, but we figure one thing at a time for now.

Let's get crackin'! :)
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